6 Best Android Camera Apps in 2020

    Best Android Camera Apps: Many mobile phone companies are doing their best to provide the best camera for their users. Hardware now cameras are able to take images in low light, removing motion blur and manual adjustments. All of these features required the support of equivalent and excellent software operation. Take the example of portrait mode; the hardware was built several years before the software was developed for its operation. Therefore, a third party app can improve your photography experience to a more significant extent.

    Best Android Camera Apps

    We have listed some of the best cameras for Android available on the market.

    1. Camera FV-5 Lite

    FV-5 camera is excellent Professional android camera app that comes with unique manual control of your camera’s features. You can control the shutter speed, and it also comes with the function of DSLR control, white balance, ISO, light metering and more. This app supports 30 languages. Variety of image file formats are supported by FV-5, including PNG, JPEG, DNG (RAW) and more.


    • Program priority and speed modes.

    Manual shutter speed.

    • User interface is available in more than 30 languages.
    • Display viewfinder similar to DSLR.

    Camera FV-5 Lite
    Camera FV-5 Lite
    Developer: FGAE Apps
    Price: Free

    2. Google Camera

    Best Android Camera AppsGoogle Camera is the best Android camera app available on the market in the feature category. The reason this app failed to make the top of the list is, not all items are accessible to all devices. HDR + features are exclusively available for Nexus and Pixel users.

    The Google Camera app is great for taking panoramic photos. HDR + function helps reduce noise and can be a great addition to recording.


    Video stabilization – Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands are shaking.

    Photosphere – Create immersive spherical photos.

    • Slow motion – Capture the action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on select supported devices).
    • Smartburst – Hold the shutter button r pressed to automatically capture a stream of photos and create moving GIFs.
    • HDR + – Take photos using HDR + to capture fantastic photos, especially in low light or backlit scenes.
    • Permissions: –

    • Camera: Required to capture images and videos.
    • Location: Required to add location information to images.
    • Microphone: Required to record audio with each video.
    • Storage: Required to save image and videos.
      Google Camera
      Google Camera
      Developer: Google LLC
      Price: Free

    3. Camera Zoom FX

    Best Android Camera AppsCamera Zoom FX is one of the older camera apps that has come a long way over time. FX comes with the features that let you take control of shutter speed, ISO, and exposure. This app also has filter support, and it supports adding and removing plugins which help you add many other features. Camera Zoom FX has more functions than usual software, but it does not have a lot of features like that of Camera FV-5.

    Camera ZOOM FX Premium
    Camera ZOOM FX Premium
    Developer: androidslide
    Price: $3.99


    Snapseed comes with a ton of features, and it can take some time to get used to all. Its main features are focus, exposure, ISO, white balance and built-in gallery. Gallery has some great features, it displays the shutter speed when the photo was taken. The snapseed gallery supports many file formats and displays the ISO image. It has some intuitive features like one finger zoom and light painting which takes photography to another level. One of the most amazing things about this app is that it supports 4k recording.

    Manual control and some unique built-in features of this app will help you take great pictures. This app doesn’t have the free trial option, and you have to pay $ 5 to use it.

    Developer: Google LLC
    Price: Free

    5. Cymera

    Cymera mainly focuses on the main functionalities. It has a lot of filters, effects, stickers and light effects which will give you the whole new level of customization. Cymera comes with beauty mode and add-remove function which allows you to add stickers and real-time effects to the photograph.

    It is free to download this app, but you can buy filters and effects from in-app purchase section.

    6. DSLR Camera

    DSLR Camera is one of best camera apps for Android, regarding manual camera control. It gives the user control of light metering, white balance, live histogram and ISO, which makes the DSLR camera one of the best apps for Android is its different shooting modes. and geolocation.


    It has a limited free trial , so don’t wait to try this awesome app. It has few minor bugs but still great to use. You will be amazed with the light control function of this app.


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