Battery Meter Overlay v4.1.0 [Pro Mod] APK [Latest]

    The overlay of the battery indicator always shows the battery percentage at the top of the screen.

    Battery Meter Overlay can help you determine if your battery has enough charge to play a game, movie, or surf the web.


    ✓ Displays the battery information in percent (%).
    ✓ Shows the battery gauge on top of other apps
    ✓ Support themes for measurement colors and backgrounds
    ✓ Show / hide control notification
    ✓ [NEW!] Overlap at the top of the status bar

    * PRO FEATURES (Require Pro Key (Unlocker)

    ✓ No advertising
    ✓ Automatically hide in full screen mode
    ✓ Can manually adjust the position of the measuring device (take screen orientation into account)
    ✓ Can change the colors of the meter (level / charge / text / background)
    ✓ Can customize the size of the gauge (x0.5 ~ x2.0)

    If you like this app, please cosider to buy pro key.

    [Special access permission]

    To display the battery indicator over other apps, confirm the special access of “Draw over other apps” the first time.

    [Restrictions for Android Oreo (8.0) users]

    Due to the improvement in the security of the Android operating system, it is not possible to display the battery meter overlay over the status bar. Therefore, the battery indicator is always shown below the status bar.


    We plan to add themes and improve features in the future. Please contact us in the comments or email if you have any questions.


    – The bug that the status bar overlaps was not fixed on some devices.
    – Changed the importance of the lock screen notification to avoid heads up notification.
    – Fixed various bugs.

    MOD Pro

    PRO functions activated
    Analytics deactivated;
    All ads and service calls from activities have been removed.
    Remove the lock icon from the menu settings.
    No INTERNET required;
    AOSP compatible.

    The app has no advertisements


    • Screenshot of the battery indicator overlay
    • Screenshot of the battery indicator overlay
    • Screenshot of the battery indicator overlay
    • Screenshot of the battery indicator overlay


    Battery Meter Overlay v4.1.0 [Pro Mod] APK /. mirror

    Older version

    Battery Meter Overlay v4.0.0 [Pro Mod] APK /. mirror

    Battery Meter Overlay v3.7.0 [Pro Mod] APK /. mirror

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