Best Android Apps to Track Mobile Number Location

    What is mobile tracking? We are all familiar with mobile tracking. It is the process of finding any mobile location. Sometimes we want to track the location of the mobile number. But there is no official way to track the location of a cell phone number. But here we are with a pack of 5 best apps to track mobile number location.

    Best apps for track mobile number location

    Mobile tracking can be done in different ways:

    1. Network Based: When the service provider’s network interface follows the location of the mobile number, we call it followed by the network.
    2. Based on the handset: When the mobile number location is tracked by client software installed in the handset, we can call this type of handset based tracking .
    3. Hybrid Positioning System: This is a group of network and handset based technologies allowing track the location of a mobile number.

    Sim Based: When number location tracking is done based on SIM number, we call this mobile tracking on SIM card.

    Based on WiFi: WiFi data can also help to track the location of a cell phone number.

    Best Android Apps to Track Mobile Number Location in Android

    1. Glympse

    Friends, this is one of the best apps to track the mobile number location using android phone. And the best part is that you can install it without paying any amount. It is available on Google Play Store for free. To facilitate the installation on your Android, I will provide you with the download link below to install this app. There are some main features of this app below. You can read all the features before you download Glympse software.

    Main characteristics:

      • No need to register or login on it.
      • It does not leak your information or tracked locations.
      • You can use it using 3G / 4G data and WiFi as well.

    You can share the location with this app, and you don’t need to pay for it.

    • It works always on your phone (when your device is locked)
    • Much more…

    2. Open GPS Tracker

    This is not a time location tracking app real, but it has many cool features. It has a very important function for travel: it also supports visual notes, graphics and textures. So you need to install it and use it at least once. You can also take advantage of the features of this app while traveling. If you want to install it, you just need to click on the link below

    3. Real Time GPS Tracker

    This is another fantastic app available on Play-store, ranked 3rd on our list. So you can also use Real Time GPS Tracker

    application to track your desired numbers . It is also available for free on the Google Play Store. So you can install it for free and it works 100%. If you want to download this, just click on the link below.

    4. Where’s My Droid

    Where is my droid ie; where is my android? This means that you can also find your lost Android phones by using the Where’s My Droid app) . It is a very popular app on the Play Store. And a lot of users are already using it. But you can’t track the location in real time with it. But you can easily locate your mobile by using it.

    5. GPS Tracking Life 360

    It comes with too many features. You can track the location of your number to track the location of the desired mobile number by using it if its location is enabled. You can find awesome user interface and design in this app. You can find your lost mobile device by using it. You can also track a number’s location by activating its mobile location. And if you want to download this app to enjoy more features, just click on the link below which is shown in the store.

    Note: the information provided here is for use only to help people, not to encourage them to commit crimes… Anyone who abuses their knowledge deserves severe punishment from the government.


    As I shared information about the applications mentioned above above, many of you will have a question in mind and it will certainly be a real localization tool. So, my friends, I make it clear to you that there is no application or software capable of tracking an actual location. None of the ordinary people can track a person’s real location due to certain privacy policies provided to all users. The actual location can only be tracked by some government tracking software, and some people registered in a special registry can use it.

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