10 Best Android Multiplayer Games 2020!

    Android Online games are continually developing. Most games now allow real-time multiplayer. This functionality is now almost a must for most Android Game Developers. We have put together a list of the best Android multiplayer games you can enjoy with your mates who also own Android Devices.

    The best Android Multiplayer Game in 2020 is:

    1. AdventureQuest 3D

    AdventureQuest 3D is one of the best Android games with multiplayer. It is the MMORPG. It has much of the components that you’d expect. There are several missions, different levels, raid bosses, dungeons, and even crafts to do. That makes this one special is it has full support across platforms. You can watch it on your tablet or Mac, if you prefer. There are fora, battles, and even PvPs you can play with other players online. Upon his release, there were some hiccups there. But ultimately this is a good option.

    2. Asphalt 9: Legends

    Asphalt 9: Legends is the newest arcade racing game in Gameloft’s most popular series. A lot of older versions look like this. You unlock various cars, compete against AI or human players and take part in different types of events. Virtual Multiplayer is above average. Matching is typically fast and you can race all your vehicles. The Non-PvP efficiency is detailed. You ‘re going to spend a lot of time playing the game before you’re done. In reality the graphics are pretty good, and the mechanics are fundamental. Some people complain about the controls being a little too basic but it’s an arcade game. Asphalt 8: The Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme are both good options for arcade racing from Gameloft.

    3. Call of Duty: Mobile

    Call of Duty : Mobile is one of the Series’ most recent multiplayer titles. It’s equally surprisingly sweet. It’s an online FPS game with multiplayer modes in it. It includes a traditional deathmatch call of duty as well as a royal war game with 100 people similar to PUBG and Fortnite. The game also features nice gacha elements as you are collecting common characters from the game series and customizing them with different skins for weapons and equipment. There are a handful of glitches here and there but over time they can be patched.

    4. Crossy road

    Crossy Road is an arcade board game. Your aim is to traverse a number of roads and streams without dying. Your goal is to do that for as long as you can. It offers a wide range of playable characters and a multiplayer mode for local players. You’ll connect to a WiFi network with your friends and then play a game together. Two to four clubs support. This is not the best multiplayer ever. Nonetheless, this is great for friends, and a fun way to kill time. It sure is one of the region ‘s best multiplayer games.

    5. Legends of Runeterra

    Runeterra’s Legends is among Android ‘s new multiplayer games. It is a game in PvP style with duel elements, card selection and automatic combat. Players unlock cards, build decks, pick champions and compete among themselves. There are 24 champions in there, and a lot of cards. Additionally, the challenging yet enjoyable gameplay gives you the opportunity to outsmart your opponent. It is user-friendly F2P (free to play) so you don’t have to pay any money to get a nice time. Hearthstone has replaced this game on this list, but Hearthstone is still a great choice for this genre too.

    Legends of Runeterra
    Legends of Runeterra
    Developer: Riot Games, Inc
    Price: Free+

    6. Minecraft

    Minecraft is one of multiplayer games most common on all platforms. You are immersed in a universe that is created at random, and then you can do whatever you want. The game involves cross-playing on both Windows and Xbox One. It means you can be playing almost anywhere with your mates. The game has three modes: Earth, Survival and Creative. For no cause whatsoever imaginative mode would let you die. Survival mode activates bugs, a food pit and you’re going to die. Those seeking console-level quality in a mobile game can not get any better. This is both a console game and a Computer title. The game is up front, $6.99. Purchases for the character skins are rendered in-app.

    Developer: Mojang
    Price: $7.49+

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    7. Old School RuneScape

    Old School RuneScape is apparently one of the planet’s oldest multiplayer games. This is an MMORPG and a rare room in Android. It uses a premium model to boost money instead of freemium products, so that’s not something you see every day. The game in itself is pretty sweet. You ‘re going through a huge environment, doing lots of quests, stealing, trading with other players and taking on lots of bad guys. It has a great community and the developers are extremely receptive. There is a free edition of the game which is much smaller than its regular version. Nonetheless, you can not really go wrong either way. It’s a very big game.

    Old School RuneScape
    Old School RuneScape
    Developer: Jagex Games Studio
    Price: Free+

    8. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer Mobile games. Players travel the real world in search of Pokémon, Gym Battles, and Poke Stops for items to stock up on. Technically, solos are the game. Gym battles, trainer battles, and just playing them, are, however, entirely feasible with people groups. In fact, on the basis of the social elements, many people who play the game do so purely. The player base isn’t as big as it used to be, but a lot of places have official Facebook groups to hang out for players.

    Pokémon GO
    Pokémon GO
    Developer: Niantic, Inc.
    Price: Free+

    9. PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

    It didn’t take long for PUBG Mobile to climb the mobile rating table on multiplayer. It’s popular, fun and on most modern devices, it works pretty well. With 99 other players, you ‘re coming across an island. The last man to stand wins. All sorts of weapons and equipment can be found on the island. Borders also slowly curbs play area size. So if you end up in the boonies, then the game itself will eventually kill you. Fortnite was launched in early 2020 at the Play Store and plays very similarly but also with a building mechanic. You can play either, and you’ll probably experience a decent multiplayer experience.

    Developer: Epic Games, Inc
    Price: Free+

    10. Riptide GP: Renegade

    Riptide GP: Renegade is possibly the best racing game available. Campaign mode is fun and has lots of events. There’s even a story, multiple wave runners to buy and upgrade, and more. The online multiplayer option is above average. Up to eight players in total can compete in head-to-head matches. It also supports split screen multiplayer, hardware controllers, etc. There’s even a challenge mode where you can compete against your friends’ best times. It doesn’t have in-app purchases and we liked that a lot.

    Riptide GP: Renegade
    Riptide GP: Renegade
    Developer: Vector Unit
    Price: $2.99

    Best Android games available right now!

    If we missed some of Android ‘s best multiplayer games, let us know in the comments!

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