The best VPN apps for Android in 2020

    Most of us spend a large portion of our time using our phones and when we’re on our phones a lot of the things that we do involve the use of the Internet. When you’re using the Internet, no matter what it’s for you’re always going to be at some kind of risk of somebody being able to access your personal data.

    Now you might be sat there thinking you’re not too fussed about this but we also own private emails we send text messages and photos and if you had the choice I’m pretty sure that you choose to make sure that nobody could spy on this information and find out things like your browsing history on the Internet. Well fortunately with a VPN you do have the choice.

    Key benefits of using a vpn

    • You can hide your ip address to make sure you’re always anonymous.
    • You can get past location restrictions so. For example you can watch a netflix show that’s only available in another country.
    • You can keep your personal data and information safe.
    • You can always be sure that your browsing data is kept private.

    So now that you know the reasons why you should always use a vpn let’s take a look at the top three VPNs available on the Android platform.

    These Are The Best VPN Apps For Android

    #1. Nord VPN

    Google Play rating: 4.2/5

    This vpn does speak for itself. one of the main reasons for this is the sheer amount of countries you can connect to and the amount of servers and IP addresses that you have access to. There’s over 5,500 servers worldwide and around 60 different countries that you could choose from.

    On top of this they have a great and really handy feature which is a built in ad blocker, nobody likes seeing those annoying adverts pop up when you’re trying to watch something or trying to browse. So this really is helpful now when protecting your online activities.

    By using a vpn the slight sacrifice that you have to make is there will be a tiny reduction in speed when you’re using the internet this can range from around 20% to 30% and with nord vpn it falls within this acceptable range it’s around about 25% reduction in speed which is more than enough to do anything you want online. You can still browse the internet,  stream movies and send the emails.

    How to use Nord VPN

    The interface really is simple to use, all you got to do is :-

    • Open the app.
    • Click on the quick connect button and it will connect you to the fastest available server.

    Alternatively , if you want to choose your own location you just swipe up and with single-click it is going to connect you straightaway to whichever one you’ve chosen.

    Nord VPN also have a special service section and this covers p2p servers and obfuscated servers.

    Nord vpn is highly recommended whenever using the internet only that there’s a very few exceptions to this rule for example if you’re using something like google maps. You want to be able to make sure that you’re using your own location so Nord VPN has a great feature which is called split tunneling to make sure that when using certain apps such as google maps the vpn will be turned off but it will still be in use on all of the other apps and features of your phone.

    When it comes to using Netflix or other streaming services so you can watch shows that aren’t usually available in your country some vpns don’t work but Nord vpn does work well and to me that’s a big bonus.

    If you’re also looking at using Nord vpn for torrenting, it has a p2p service.

    #2. Surf Shark VPN

    Google Play Store rating: 4.4/5

    You’re safe in the knowledge that the majority of users are very happy with this product.

    When you open up surf shark, the layout is simple and very user friendly. The quick connect feature which most vpns have has an extra added bonus that you can choose between the fastest server or the closest location.

    There’s also around 60 countries that you can choose to connect to but their servers are limited to around 1700 well. I say limited but there’s still a large number though it doesn’t quite compare to Nord vpn.

    Now if you need to make sure you always have the same ip address, they have a selection of static servers. With static servers no matter whether you disconnect and then reconnect you will always keep that same ip address available for you.

    Surf Shark has a technology called multi hop servers along with this.  The Multi-hop server splits the link between two servers and replaces the GPS co-ordinates on one server with the co-ordinates on the other such that it really confuses the network and keeps the location safe and stable.

    Key Features for Surf Shark VPN

    •  Clean web – this is another ad blocker similar to Nord vpn so you can make sure you’re not going to get those annoying add pop-ups.
    • White list –  which is basically the same as Nord split tunneling. It allows you to choose apps which won’t connect to the vpn when using apps such as google maps.
    •  Hack lock –  which gives you real-time alerts if your emails or passwords at any time are under risk of being insecure.
    •  Blind search – this is a way of being able to search the internet using incognito mode. I know that most browsers have incognito mode these days but they’re really not going to be as secure as the ones applied by this vpn.
    • Kill switch – this is very useful, what it will do is it will cut out your internet connection completely should your vpn disconnect for any reason. You know that there’s never going to be a moment where you’re browsing unsafely using your regular internet connection.
    • When it comes to the Netflix abilities and torrenting surf shark don’t deny you any of this so as with Nord vpn.  If these are things that you’re looking to use a vpn for, surf shark could definitely be one of the options for you.
    • When it comes to speed they’re on the lower end of the scale so they come in at about a 30% reduction on average of your base speed but this is still great and it’s definitely within that range which makes it acceptable to be classed as one of the top vpn.

    #3. ExpressVPN

    When it comes to speed they really are the quickest in this field, the reduction was only 20% so they’re definitely at the high end of that scale. As for the other options the layout is nice and simple.

    There’s that quick connect feature which will connect you to the fastest server available.

    It does make use of the kill switch feature.

    It also uses the split tunneling.

    The amount of countries that you can choose to connect to is much bigger than the other two options. It comes with over 90 different countries so there’s more than enough for you to choose from there.

    Now the only area that expressvpn really falls behind its competitors is the price point.  But if you’re looking for that high-speed connection this might not be too much of an issue for you.

    So what is the best Android VPN?

    As you can see they’re actually all pretty similar when it comes to the stats. But when it comes to speed expressvpn does stand out as being the best, it comes in at about 80% of the speed of your base internet connection.

    As for the ratings expressVPN falls slightly behind its competitors. But it’s such a small margin. So i’ve pretty much put these on level term.

    All of these VPNs are working when it comes to Netflix. And when it comes to torrenting, if that’s your thing then they’re all going to get the job done.

    The pricing structure it’s not actually as simple as it seems because all three of these companies offer different pricing depending on how long you choose to have your subscription. For these particular prices, the cost is per month and this is based on a one-year plan.

    Another factor to consider is that there are often deals and discounts to be taken advantage of. You can always check their official websites such that if there are any current deals on you can make sure you’re getting the full benefit of those.

    It’s also worth noting that all three of these companies do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So no matter which one you choose to go for you can be safe in the knowledge that if it’s not for you, you can always get your money back and try another one.


    To summarize, when it comes to the question of whether you should use a vpn on your android there’s only one real answer and that’s a 100% yes.

    When it comes to which vpn to use? any three of these are going to be great because they’re all the top-tier and top-of-the-range vpns.

    If there’s any more information you want to find out about them you can always checkout their websites through the links as well thanks for reading .

    Stay safe.

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