Foldable smartphones take off, the funny next-gen console war is bogged down


    Choosing the winners and losers for the week has probably never been more difficult than this week. Many tech companies have shone this week. Sony is the only possible loser of the week.

    Apple revealed the date of its September conference, Huawei introduced new products, EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS 2.0, Motorola released a new version of the foldable Razr, it’s been a very positive week for many tech giants.

    And despite its recent and alleged setbacks with components from LG and Samsung as well as its likely drastic drop in smartphone production, Huawei cannot decently be the loser this week based on rumors. The manufacturer has caught up with its true wireless FreeBuds Pro earphones and its Watch GT 2 Pro connected watch.

    Apple fans, potentially deprived of a new iPhone in September, could also have been the losers this week. But as with Huawei, these hallway noises are not loud enough to justify awarding the Losers title to Cupertino fans.

    Winner of the week: Foldable smartphones

    Some of you may remember my very first post I posted. “Nobody wants it: Stop folding smartphones” (which unfortunately has not been translated into US). What has happened since in this emerging market?

    Many things! So much so that I withdraw about nine months later. Because in those nine months, smartphone makers have been working on more mature concepts. The foldable embryo turned into a beautiful (almost) well-formed baby.

    Many foldable smartphones have emerged in recent months and weeks: we were delighted with the Galaxy Z Flip, while the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already on its way to our editorial staff.

    The new Moto Razr 5G was presented this week. / © Motorola

    The LG Wing with its rotating “T” screen is supposed to be officially presented soon and recently Motorola did a polish on its Razr with a new 5G version. The result is an improved little brother of the first Motorola Razr, which has since been a flop, if not a premature birth in the smartphone market of an outdated device.

    Our winners of the week are all those who appreciate innovations in the smartphone market and who will soon have a very expensive catalog of several good foldable or swivel smartphones.

    Loser of the week: Sony under pressure

    In the game console sector, some long-awaited novelties will soon emerge. While the Xbox Series X and S will launch on November 10, 2020, Sony has yet to announce a concrete date of birth for the new PlayStation. However, the new console will likely be under many Christmas trees by December 24.

    The new PlayStation 5: how much will it cost? / © Sony

    We are also not worried about the release date of the two game consoles. Rather, it is the price that interests us this week. Because Microsoft was practically forced by the leaks to confirm surprisingly the prices of the next Xboxes, of which that of the Xbox Series S at 299 euros makes it quite interesting.

    Unlike last year, the prices of Microsoft’s flagship consoles were quite well received by fans, unlike the marketing disaster that was the promotional campaign for the Xbox One. Sony can only follow suit with an extremely aggressive pricing policy, and no one is expecting that at the moment.

    By delaying unveiling the price of its next consoles, Sony has indeed lost the war of silence that the two manufacturers were playing. It is a very relative loser who is elected this week, but the Japanese giant is undeniably one step behind in the race for the next-gen, at least in terms of communication.

    However, the Japanese giant is now expected to react after Microsoft was forced to open the fight. A PS5 cheaper than the Xbox Series X would be a big victory in this console “war”. What had greatly contributed to the success of the PS4 in 2013 is, in addition to the exclusive catalog, its price of 399 euros, or 100 euros less than the Xbox One at 499 euros. But history usually doesn’t repeat itself, does it?

    Who do you think were the winners and losers of the week in tech? Let us know in the comments!


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