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    Ghost Commander is A dual panel file manager (as well as an FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, Drive, BOX, Dropbox client!) With which you can manage your files locally or remotely and optimize your system in root mode can.

    It’s customizable, ad-free, open source, and funded by donations!
    The main idea behind it is classic: copying and moving files from one panel to another. This way of working is far more convenient than most other file managers, which would require you to copy / cut items and then navigate to different folders to paste them back and forth over and over again.
    In order not to clutter the display with additional check boxes, each line of files is divided into two zones: if you tap on the left, open files and folders, tap on several items on the right. If you are left handed this can be swapped out in the settings.
    With Ghost Commander you can transfer files from and to FTP and SFTP servers and Windows network shares as well as from Google Drive, BOX and Dropbox cloud storage (plug-in required) and create / extract ZIP archives and work like that how it was regular folder.
    For advanced users, this file manager also supports root mode (superuser) which is important for working with protected system files on a rooted phone, changing file permission attributes / owners (chmod / chown) and even running your own shell commands ( Busybox required)).
    This file manager is very customizable and has numerous options that allow you to customize its appearance and behavior to suit your personal preferences and habits.
    Some of the features of Ghost Commander include:
    * Easy sorting by name, extension, size or date
    * customizable multiple selection (by tapping or selecting with placeholders)
    * root / superuser (su) mode: re-mount partitions and make changes to system files
    * Change file owner and permissions (only in root mode)
    * Working with files via the MediaStore perspective (which allows write access to an external SD card on Kitkat)
    * Support for ZIP archives: create and extract ZIP files, display in ZIP file without extracting
    * Built-in FTP client: upload to / download from your own or a public site
    * Favorite shortcuts for folders and locations
    * Calculation of file and folder size as well as MD5 and SHA-1
    * File search for content and other properties
    * Text editor (built-in or external)
    * Text and image viewer
    * sends files via email, bluetooth and so on
    * Personalization: colors, font size, user interface language, custom toolbar, etc.
    * Windows network support via an optional SMB plug-in
    * Streaming audio / video from a remote location to a player app (VPlayer is recommended)
    * Access to Google Drive, Dropbox and BOX or any WebDAV-enabled cloud storage (with plugins)

    Explanation of the requested permissions:

    INTERNET – so that FTP and other network plugins can connect to Internet hosts.
    No connection will be established without your command.
    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – so that the WLAN does not fail during a file transfer.
    WAKE_LOCK – to keep the phone from falling asleep during a file transfer.
    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – so that the file manager can copy files to the SD card.
    VIBRATE – to make the phone vibrate when a long file operation is in progress.
    INSTALL_SHORTCUT – to create shortcut icons to the desktop.
    MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS – to do this when you asked for it.
    ACCESS_SUPERUSER – for the file manager’s root: mode to work properly. Not used for any other purpose.
    USE_CREDENTIALS – Just so that the Google Drive plugin can access the Google-based services.
    The website:
    Vote for new features:
    Help with localization:
    If you like this application, a small donation for further development is welcome!
    Keywords: root, file manager, manage files, file explorer, Midnight Commander, Norton Commander, FAR manager, dual panel
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    What’s new

    The image viewer now shows EXIF ​​from remotely opened files
    Lots of fixes and improvements

    The app has no advertisements


    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot
    • Ghost Commander - file manager screenshot


    Ghost Commander File Manager v1.60.4 [Final] APK /. mirror

    Ghost Commander File Manager v1.56.4 [Final] APK / mirror

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