How to install Xposed Framework on Android

    Hello guys in this article, we are going to share a method to install Xposed Framework in Android devices, which is developed by Developer rovo89, Xposed Framework is an application which can give you more tools for customize your Android device, but before going to install it you must first root your Android device. Because Android is the most popular operating system nowadays, and many people use it, due to the large number of apps and game collections available for Android on Google Play Store, so you can do something special with your smartphone.

    After installing the Xposed Framework, you can do a lot more things with your device, which is not possible with devices without root-root or without Xposed, you can edit your Android status bar and do a lot of things because it has a lot of similar modules in it. also has a module for Change android IMEI, so that you can have more fun with your phone after installing the Xposed framework.

    There are too many ways to download modules. You can download Xposed Mods from Play Store and you can also download the installer app as Xposed, or some external websites offer you the most popular Mods as well 😀. So you don’t need to think about downloading Xposed module. But what if you can laugh and personalize your device with add-ons? First you need to install the Xposed installer on your device. So you are thinking about how to install the Xposed framework in Marshmallow !! don’t worry if you also find a tutorial for this? so today you have come to the right place. Here we give you a method to install Xposed framework in your Marshmallow Android device.

    Some users feel annoyed with our device’s status bar and want to change status bar to according to their choice, and others are thinking of changing Android mobile startup animation (startup animation is animation you see when you start your can also call it to start logo.), if you find ways to customize your Android mobile according to your needs, today you are in the right place, because the Xposed framework offers a multitude of device module applications according to your needs. So if you want to install it on your device! Then read this full article, and we also mentioned some cool features of the Xposed framework, and we also provide you with the basic requirements for installation, if you meet all the basic requirements! you can then install the Xposed framework in your Android Marshmallow mobile, so we will start the main part of this post.

    Basic requirements to install Xposed Framework in Android Marshmallow

    Before starting the installation process, there are some basic requirements that you need to meet because you cannot complete the installation without a full setup. So here are some basic requirements available below.

    • Enable Unknown Source option on your Android phone , it gives you permission to install third party app on your android device. So you must first open the settings of your phone> Developer mode> Check the Unknown source box for the ‘activate, if developer mode does not work. show yourself in settings, you need to open Settings> About> Build number (click it 7-8 times) , then go back and enter your developer mode 😀
    • Now you need to root your device Android, if you don’t know about rooting or how to root it? Then read this article on How to Root Android Without PC / Computer.
    • Make a backup of all your data.
    • Need Xposed apk installer (find link in installation process).
    • Custom recovery must be installed on your device.

    Features of Xposed Framework in Android Marshmallow

    • You can change your device’s startup animation.
    • Customize status bar and notification bar according to your choice.
    • Increase the battery life or speed of your phone by using some modules.
    • And much more 😀.

    Download Xposed for Marshmallow

    Guys, you need to download everything I have provided you below first.

    • Download Alpha Xposed for Marshmallow
    • Download Zip installer
      Here are 3 installation files. So you can select any file depending on the chipset of your device. You do not know the chipset of your device? then install the application Hardware Info and you will be able to see your chipset information.

    How to install Xposed Framework in Android Marshmallow

    The guys above, we share the requirements and features, after downloading the files and fulfilling all the requirements, now you can install it in your android without any problem. So now we go to the installation process.

    Xposed Android MarshmallowStep 1. First of all, download the Xposed installer on your Android smartphone and install it. If not already installed.

    Step 2. Now turn off your device and open it in CWM or TWRP recovery.

    Xposed Android Marshmallow

    Step 3. Now find install or install zip option for SD card and click on it.

    Step 4. Then select the file, if not? download from the links above and click install.

    Xposed Android Marshmallow

    Step 5. It will take a few minutes to flash, but after the complete flashing process you have successfully installed Xposed in your Android Marshmallow.

    How to Uninstall Xposed Framework in Marshmallow

    Many users also need this guide, because if you install it completely on your device, but after a while you don’t need it anymore . People are looking for uninstallation methods. So I am attaching you a simple guide to uninstall it. here is the step by step guide available below.

    First download the zip files of the Xposed Uninstaller

    How to uninstall

    Step 1. Turn off your device and open it in CWM or TWRP recovery program.

    Step 3. Now search at the installation or install the zip option for the SD card and click on it.
    Step 4. Then select the file, if not not the case? download from the links above and click install
    Step 5. It will take a few minutes to flash, but once the process is complete you have successfully uninstalled Xposed in your Android marshmallow.

    Top 5 Xposed Mods for Android Marshmallow

    1) Kit Wanam. You can change the status bar and notification by using it 😀.

    2) XPrivacy You can use to Restrict access to certain app permissions in order to prevent data leakage from your app.

    3) Instagram Downloader You can download and install your Instagram photos or videos with this module.

    4) Youtube AdAway You can delete the ads es of official youtube applications using them.

    5) All notifications developed You can expand your all notifications with.

    Final words

    The guys above share full info about installing the Xposed framework in Marshmallow devices. We also share some basic requirements for installing it with the installation process described in this article. We also share a brief uninstall guide. If you have any problem installing or uninstalling it, please describe your problem in comments, I will give you an effective solution to solve your problem, I will also provide some popular modules from the above article, which can help you to to choose. better, what if you need more? then you can also download from play store or you can search it for google and other search engines.

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