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This section contains information on:

  • Privacy, data protection and freedom of information
  • Terms on the use of all Bestcrawl.Com websites, accessibility and information on how to make a complaint
  • Details on the policies that Bestcrawl.Com abides by

This information is updated from time to time.


We find the lawful and proper handling of personal information essential for our successful operations and for preserving the trust of those with whom we deal. As such this declaration will apply equally to all of our offices regardless of where they are based.

Data Protection

Contact us to find out about how we protect your information and how you can request access to this information we hold about you.

Freedom Of Information prides itself on seeking new and open ways of engaging with the worldwide community.  In order to build integrity and trust, it is important that we set an example by opening up more of our organization to the world.

Terms On The Use Of has set out specific information on how you may use this site. Here you can find information about how the web was built to make it available to everyone. You can also find details about our policies on copyrights and cookies, and how to make a complaint.

Terms Of Use has terms and conditions of use  plus links to and from this site.


We have made every effort to make sure that is easy to use for everyone, no matter what browser you choose to use, and whether or not you use any special equipment to access it.

Make A Complaint

We value your opinion. We hope to make your experience of dealing with an excellent one and we welcome your comments, suggestions and details of your satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the support that you receive when you contact us or when you use any of our goods or services. We would also like to know whether you have received any bad support from a given staff member.


As a cultural relations organisation,  has policies that explain the ways in which we behave to protect privacy, children, the environment as well as how we provide freedom of information, and provide equal opportunities.

Child Protection Policy recognizes that we have a fundamental duty of care towards all of the children we engage with including a duty to protect them from abuse. We achieve this through compliance with international child protection laws and relevant laws in each of the countries we operate in, as well as by adherence to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Environmental Policy is committed to meeting international standards to mitigate our impact on the environment. We recognize the environmental impact of our corporate operations and activities. They also recognize the danger to security , social justice and quality of life from climate change. And we are committed to balancing and mitigating our effect on the world.