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    Are you interested in photography and do you like to show your skills on social media platforms? Well, there is always a risk that someone will copy your hard work and upload it to other platforms and gain popularity! But don’t worry about your work getting stolen as you can now add a shot to the logo of your photos

    Shot On is an app that allows you to easily add a nice logo or watermark. This app allows you to add detailed information to the photo, such as: B. which smartphone you used to take the picture, and you can also copyright it by adding your name. Shot On also lets you prank your friends by adding watermarks like Shot on MI Shot on OnePlus Shot on Google Nexus logos and making them wonder if you have a new phone.

    How one:

    1) How do I add a shot on a watermark in photos?
    Start by creating a stamp. Yes, you can make your custom stamp for quick use in the future. You can choose the phone model you name. Custom date and time Any logo, etc.

    2) What makes this app better than others?
    With this app, you can easily add watermarks to your app. You can choose from a wide variety of logos. What’s special about the app is that you can select Auto Stamp and all the photos you take with your camera will be automatically watermarked. So you don’t have to open the app every time.


    Stamp templates:

    You can create multiple custom stamp templates for quick use in Shot On.

    To adjust:

    Customize according to your needs! The setting offers several options to choose from. You can choose to keep the original photo or not, choose a phone brand model name, and just capture it in text. The app also allows you to choose the position and size of the recording on a logo.


    You can literally design the entire stamp. Custom fonts of the stamp can be changed. You can choose your favorite color for a stamp. The date and time can also be adjusted.


    You can choose from a variety of logos to make your stamp look even cooler.

    Auto Stamp:

    The automatic stamp was designed with the user in mind. If you are in a hurry and want to take the picture and take a picture of the logo at the same time, you can do so easily by enabling Auto Stamp. The app runs in the background and every time you take a picture we add a shot on a stamp for you.

    ShotOn: also works in the background so you can take the photo from your phone and this app will add a stamp to the photo.


    All logos (logos) used in this app are subject to a joint creative license and are the property of their respective owners. The app is not sponsored or promoted by any potential owners, and logo images are used for aesthetic purposes only. Any request to remove one of the images / logos / names will be considered. For image removal you can email us at We do the necessary within 48 hours.

    Armeabi-v7a + Arm64-v8a + X86 + x86_64
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    What’s new:
    Fixed: Receiving ads after in-app purchase.

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    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app
    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app
    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app
    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app
    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app
    • ShotOn - Screenshot of the photo stamp app


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